Important informations for customers

The law obliges us to integrate the application of certain legal requirements in our processes. Therefore we want to give you appropriate information about the main provisions here and ask you for your understanding. These are mandatory provisions the content of which we are not responsible.

Right of Revocation

Was always, when one requests information or services from a real estate professional to a commissionable property, a so-called Broker Agreement arises. This contract requires that you will have to pay a commision in the case that you purchase a property that we have traceably mediated.

Since 2014, the legislation provides the costumer the right to revoke his contract, within 14 days. Had Dr. Lübke & Kelber already worked for you by this time, we would lose our fee despite the provided service.

Certainly, you want to obtain the object information immediately. In this case, you can ask us to start immediately and pay our commission upon complete delivery of the performance. We can only claim the broker’s commission if you certify a purchase contract at a notary.

Of course we will offer you the possibility of immediate commissioning with corresponding offers. Then you can decide at your leisure.

German Money Laundering Act

The German Money Laundering Act provides an identification check for potential customers, as well as sellers, by the broker.

We are obliged by the legislator to implement the regulations of the German Money Laundering Act with all of our customers without exception.

As part of the prescribed identification check, we will ask you as a private person to tell us the following personal data and to hand in a copy of your ID for verification:

  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Nationality
  • ID Card Number
  • Issuing Authority (Download)

As a company we will ask you to provide us with the following documents for a short time:

  • Extract/Excerpt from the Commercial Register
  • Identification of Beneficial Owner (Download)

We assure you that this information will be kept confidential and be used for the sole purpose of the identification check.

We ask for your understanding that we can not offer viewing appointments without an audited legitimation.