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Here is a spectrum of our work based on different case studies. Perhaps you will discover solutions for your tasks.

Good Addresses

Of course, we are not only working for big names. It is much more important to us customers recommend us to others. And at 100 percent.

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Exciting Real Estate

We work on varying sizes and types of deals: sometimes larger, sometimes less great, but always challenging. To be clear, we would not receive mandates, if it were easy. How many transactions we have actually worked on in 50 years, we can not honestly say. In a developed market, the opportunities have narrowed a bit, but the opportunities that do exist are good ones and this will not change anytime soon.

Residential complex

Fund acquires residential complex in Grevenbroich

On behalf of a southern German real estate company, we brokered this fully let residential complex from 1974 with 117 residential units and a total area of 8,929 square metres to the Barton Group. This is the investment house’s third purchase for the open-ended special fund “Barton Wohnen Deutschland II”, thus targeting its existing portfolio of 4,000 AuM. The seller, who had mandated us exclusively, was extremely satisfied with the purchase price achieved.


Residential portfolio in Wiesbaden

Fund acquires generously proportioned existing residential complex in Hesse’s state capital.


Share Deal in Chemnitz

On behalf of an Israeli holding company, we brokered an office and commercial building complex in Chemnitz to an inestor from southern Germany specialising in opportunity investments. The two buildings, constructed in 1996 in the Kapellenberg district, have a lettable area of approx. 6,358 m² with extensive value-add potential.
The transaction was carried out as a share deal.

Neubauprojekt Fulda

New building project in Fulda

On behalf of a regional property and project developer, we marketed a residential complex under construction with 56 apartments in Fulda to a capital management company for a special AIF. The freely financed property is part of a new building project consisting of 3 construction phases. It is scheduled for completion in 2022. The transaction was carried out in cooperation with ICS – Immo Consulting Service.


High-yield industrial park in Gevelsberg

This multi tenant property with 8 buildings and around 25,480 sqm rental space is located eighteen kilometres away from Wuppertal. For many decades the tradtional companies Krefft/Bauknecht had had their production facilities on the 3.5 hectare site. For the current owner, a local real estate company, we found within a few weeks a suitable buyer in Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG.

Bürohaus Magdeburg

New utilisation concept for office building in Magdeburg

This 6,456 sqm office building, built in the mid-1990s, was already empty. Due to its good location not far from the university campus and the city centre, alternative uses were considered. For the use as a nursing home a building permit had already been issued. But not every approach can be realised. With the idea of self storage we found a sustainable utilisation concept and the right buyer. The corresponding building permit is expected in the coming weeks.

Homburg Homburg

Sub-portfolio in Homburg

As part of a portfolio with a total of 8 properties and 56 units, mainly in Pirmasens and Homburg, we brokered the two office and commercial buildings in Homburg, Saarland, to a regional asset management company within a few weeks. Our client, with whom we have been working for many years, was very satisfied with the purchase prices achieved. The two properties have attractive optimisation potential.

Aalen Galgenberg Ost

Aberdeen acquires new development in Aalen

On behalf of the project developer Merz Objektbau GmbH & Co KG from Aalen, we have brokered a mixed-use project development in the new building quarter Galgenberg Ost, not far from the city centre, to Aberdeen Standard Investments Deutschland AG for one of its institutional special real estate funds. Around 4,500 square metres of residential and 2,300 square metres of commercial space will be built in hybrid construction by Q4 2022. With the timber construction, the mix of maisonette townhouses, penthouses, 29 freely rentable and 11 publicly subsidised flats, as well as a the food retailer tegut on the ground floor, the investment fits perfectly into the special fund, which is geared towards sustainability.


residential portfolio

Residential Portfolio in Coblenz

Nationwide acting investor acquires existing portfolio in good residential location


Optimal sales process in Gladbeck

Six month ago, we successfully brokered a residential building complex located opposite with 66 units. What could be more obvious than talking to the owners in the surrounding area about selling their property too. The private asset management company, which has held the 66 residential units of this building complex built in 1974, took advantage of the market dynamics and  mandated us exclusively. With a leading specialist for residential real estate, we presented the right buyer within 3.5 months and exceeded the asking price.


office building

Office building in Frankfurt

Within 2 months, we brokered a multi-tenant office complex in Frankfurt on exclusive behalf of a Stuttgart community of heirs. The buyer of the existing property, which is located between the main railway station and Westhafen with an area of around 3,900 sqm, is an investment company from Offenbach.

Wohnanlage Rostock 96 Einheiten Rostock

Residential complex in Rostock

On exclusive behalf of JV Alpha Asset Invest we brokered the residential complex, consisting of 3 buildings and 96 units, to a fund managed by Catella Residential Investment Management. The three apartment buildings at Johann-Christian-Wilken-Strasse 2-4, built in 1985, have a rental area of around 6,457 sqm.

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