Performance along the entire line

We have aligned our service areas to the value chain for successful real estate investments. For investors and owners. From the sourcing of real estate and the optimization thereof to systematic marketing and exit.

This allows optimizing returns across the entire board.

Identifiying potentials

Identification, analysis and acquisition of suitable properties in the German real estate market. Based on the respective investment strategies, we search the marketplace for suitable real estate assets, conduct real estate due diligence and prepare the acquisition.

Creating values

Value creation, value preservation based development and management of real estate portfolios. As the right-hand man of the investor, we consistently analyze the numbers of assets under management, develop concepts to increase the value and control all participating service providers. Up to the sale of parts of the portfolio.

Realizing values

Conception and realization of nationwide transactions of residential and commercial properties. At the end of an investment cycle, our transaction teams sell real estate portfolios in a tailored approach to national and international investors.

Acquisition & Analysis

“So much money cannot be wrong!” a politician cheered a few years ago at the run on real estate investments in his hometown. But capital can be wrong, especially in real estate investments. Suddenly forecasted rental trends do not occur, costs of overlooked flaws grow immeasurably, vacancy presses the cash flow …

We consider the acquisition and analysis of real estate portfolios as a complex process. To find the right investment opportunity, it requires expertise and diligence and above all reliable partners who deal exclusively and on an ongoing basis with the real estate products and markets.

Our consulting specialists identify potential investment opportunities and create the necessary basis for sound investment decisions based on a professional analysis. Our focus is on clear mandates with consistent alignment of interests.

Transaction Services

Only the interplay between supply and demand in the market shows the real value that actually lies in a property. Valuation reports often do not reflect the real value. The decisive factor is the price, that is paid at the end. Markets can hardly be influenced. How to use them, however, can be influenced. At the end of the day, any potential buyer calculates his offer based on his own goals. Therefore prices can vary considerably.

Finding the best buyer is always a challenge. This is where we come into play.

Our transaction specialists sell properties in the market using a targeted approach and a structured marketing process based on an intensive analysis of the property and the relevant market conditions. Our approach is based on reliability and discretion as well as a clear mandate. After all, it is about your interests.

Asset Management

As an owner, you expect stable and increasing cash flows to further your values. Not an easy task, because cash flows are exposed to various influences. Markets oscillate, tenants change and usage requirements change, as well. The building substance requires meaningful maintenance concepts and regular modernization.

Clear goals and consideration of both the big picture, as well as the details are necessary to manage the investment successfully. Property managers and technicians usually don’t cover this. A helmsman is required, to responsibly monitor, optimize and manage the real estate.

Our specialists have years of experience in managing large real estate portfolios. Their services range from due diligence during the purchase process, to the development and implementation of optimization concepts, through the coordination of various service providers to long-term reporting. We are represented throughout Germany and are therefore always close to the property.